We Are ThyTech

We are a top to bottom IT Service Provider, striving to provide support in all technical areas of your business. From physical security access to cloud servers we find the best, most cost effective solutions for your business.

What We Do

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Managed IT Services

Our Managed Services platform provides your business with safety, security, and saves you and your employees both time and money. Unlike the old “break-fix” IT Support model, our Managed Services align the interest of the service provider -namely us, with those of the client – namely you. Both parties desire for the client’s network to be absolutely stable – because they both lose money when anything goes wrong. In the event of downtime, you lose productivity, while we lose our most precious resource – technical support time. As a result of this alignment, we are incentivised to work harder and smarter to ensure that your network remains 100% stable.

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Virtual CIO

vCIO collaborates with and advises clients' IT departments, performing the same functions a conventional CIO would without the costs of an internal staff member. Those duties include formulating strategic IT goals, planning the IT budget, analyzing and reworking business processes and facilitating technology changes. A vCIO can help customers can assist in core infrastructure upgrades as well as support. Overall working with a vCIO, whether you have an internal IT team or limited IT resources can save you considerable time and money, while giving you the structure and support your business requires.

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IT Consulting

The team at ThyTech Computers, Inc. can assist in the planning and developmental build out of new or existing equipment or software. With the help of ThyTech Computers you can quickly ascertain your business’ technology needs, which will aid in budgeting and planning. From there, ThyTech Computers can create an outline or plan to achieve your objective and begin the implementation phase.​​

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Project Management

Once a technology plan has been created, the team at ThyTech Computers, Inc. will begin implementation. We will execute the setup, installation, and development of new or existing equipment and software, working with third party companies as necessary, to create an efficient and effective technology network for your staff. Let us handle the hair-pulling frustrations of Comcast, and the ever-changing landscape of end-user solutions, while you focus on running your company.

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Website and SEO

ThyTech Computers is the rare IT support company that understands the importance of your website and online presence. In today's world business can be won and lost based solely on your website. Let our web developers create a unique and user-friendly.

What good is a well developed site if no one ever sees it? Let our web developers manages your Search Engine Optimization to make sure you come out on top! We offer both managed, and hourly SEO plans to ensure that customers are directed to your website, whether they search Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Yelp or any other platform.site for your business that will draw customers in.

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Whether it is working with industrial machinery or point of sale systems, we strive to integrate your complex systems to reduce time spent re-entering data or missing data all together. Integration and automation can save companies hundreds of hours a week and increase employee efficiency. IT is designed to boost the productivity of your staff but more often than not we are left spending time and money simply getting computers and software working properly and never getting the full value out of the product. Let us review and remove some of those headaches so you can get back to your focus.

Other Services

Lenovo Servers & Workstations
Synology Network Servers
Office 365 Support and Migration
Cisco Umbrella Web-filtering and Security
Bitdefender Antivirus
Zyxel Firewalls and Security
SpamTitan Email Security and Filtering