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We are striving to provide support in all technical areas of your business. From physical security access to cloud servers we try to find the best, most cost effective solutions for your business. Our goal is to provide the resources and answers to your day to day headaches so you and your team can keep operating. Searching for new solutions and vendors is a huge time commitment and we are here to help!

We have the know-how to implement phone systems, build websites, fix workstations, and can help develop plans to increase efficiency in your company by implementing the right IT tools. We offer both flat rate and managed services to fit your company’s needs. We strive to keep your IT costs as low as possible, while giving you the most advanced technology and reliable service. We also stay connected to local vendors in all areas of business, so if we don't have the answer we can connect you with someone who does! Let the team at ThyTech Computers resolve all of your company’s technology needs - you won't be disappointed!

Who we serve?

Everyone we can.

We serve a wide variety of clients all over the globe. From Aeronautical engineers in Germany, to your mom-and-pop Chiropractors next door, we pride ourselves on our ability to meet our clients needs and exceed their expectations. Our expertise lies in serving those in the medical, legal, accounting, food processing, and manufacturing industries. But we don't discriminate! There isn't a client too small, too far, too big, or too near. We are here to help - just give us a call!

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Our Main office is located in Bothell Washington, but we have techs available all over Western Washington!

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Serving Western Oregon we operate in Portland, Salem and the surrounding areas

How We Operate

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Do you currently have obstacles affecting your ability to run your business efficiently? Do you simply need to have everything looked over to make sure you are on the right track? Do you even just need a second opinion?

We are here to help.

Navigating the ins and outs of today's technology world can be difficult and our team works every day to come up with solutions for every environment, using the highest industry standards.

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Understanding the importance of fast and effective support. We offer both on-call or managed support plans, depending on your company’s needs. We have found that companies running on a Managed Support Plan can save large amounts of money every year and allow for better budgeting.

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We will execute the setup, installation, and development of new or existing equipment and software. Your connection to the internet is more important than ever and misconfigured infrastructure can be detrimental to your ability to function.

Technical debt is real and it can take a toll on businesses of any size.

Ditch the poor wiring and home-grade, consumer equipment and implement solutions that save time and money in the log run!

Need Help?

Need help or assistance? Our team is standing by to make sure you get the help you need.